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Scars (FFX-2, Paine, #6)

Title: Scars
Fandom: Final Fantasy X-2
Character: Paine (Paine/Nooj)
Theme(s): #6, Healing
Rating: R
Spoilers/Warnings: For backstories. Set post-game.
Wordcount: 300
Disclaimer: Characters, places, and themes from FFX-2 are copyright Square Enix.
Notes: Cross-posted at ff_100 (FFX/X-2 "Old Wounds" challenge). I wouldn't usually do that but the story just fit both themes too well to resist.

Only the light from the fireplace lit their naked bodies as Nooj and Paine curled together. His eyes and fingers roamed over her flawless white skin, except not quite so flawless as he remembered, his fingertips finding a whorl of scar tissue just below her right breast.

"Is that--" He looked up and into her eyes, bright as new wine in the firelight.

"It's nothing compared to yours." Her own hand continued to trace the network of scars that covered his left side from shoulder to hip.

"There's a difference, though," he said, continuing to stroke the injured area with his thumb. "You didn't inflict mine."

Paine slid her hand around his back with a sigh. "How many times do I have to remind you that it wasn't your fault?"

He ducked his head. "My fingers pulled that trigger, and nothing can change that."

"True. But it's easier for me to forgive you if you also forgive yourself."

He bent to her, lips brushing the side of her neck and then traveling down, planting soft kisses on her collarbone, her breast, and finally the faded gunshot wound. Paine closed her eyes; the injury had healed long since, but his warm mouth further eased the memories of pain, and of two years spent apart and afraid. She laced her hands behind his head and pressed him close.

"I will try," he murmured against her breast. "I at least promise to try. If you can forgive me then how can I do anything less?"

Paine slid down Nooj's body and nuzzled his shoulder, finding the spot where machina joined with flesh and kissing it tenderly. "We can heal one another," she whispered.

He cupped her face in his hand and kissed her again, all thoughts of hurts and scars banished for now.
Tags: final fantasy x-2: paine
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