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30_fantasies's Journal

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30 Fantasies: Final Fantasy Themed Community
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Welcome to 30_fantasies, another low-pressure writing community in the vein of 30_kisses and similar communities.

The goal of 30 Fantasies is to offer a fun way to improve Final Fantasy fanfiction writers and artists with the added benefit of community spirit. All you have to do is claim a subject and write or draw for the thirty themes listed below.
; stands for "or," so if you are writing theme 3, you can write about either "Dragoon" or "Jump."

1) Prophecy.
2) Fighter; Sword.
3) Dragoon; Jump.
4) Monk; Fists.
5) Thief; Stolen.
6) White Magic; Healing.
7) Black Magic; Power.
8) Ultima; Meteor; Holy; Flare.
9) Fire; Blaze.
10) Ice; Blizzard; Water.
11) Bolt; Lightning; Thunder.
12) Quake; Earth.
13) Sleep; Poison; Muddle.
14) Cure; Regen; Life.
15) Doom; Curse; Death.
16) Crystals; Elements.
17) Cid; Airship.
18) Chocobo; Feathers.
19) Moogle, Tonberry, Other animal-like races.
20) Monsters; Random.
21) Summon; Guardian.
22) Gil; Wealth.
23) Experience.
24) Weapon.
25) Armor.
26) Item; Relic.
27) Town; Cave; Tower.
28) Boss Battle; Villain.
29) Good vs. Evil; Nature vs. Technology.
30) Final Fantasy.
- All claims must be in the Final Fantasy fandom. Any fandom with Final Fantasy in the name is acceptable.

- You may claim a game/movie/book/etc, a specific character, or a specific couple. For example, you could claim Final Fantasy VI, or Locke Cole, or Locke Cole/Celes Chere. You may not claim a threesome or group, but you may write about them if it's in the scope of your claim. You may claim any kind of pairing you like, heterosexual, homosexual, incestuous, large age differences... The only line drawn is that all characters portrayed in sexual acts must be over 15 years of age. Pairings do not have to be romantic in every or any story. Crossovers are not currently allowed.

- Final Fantasy games with offshoots are not considered different entities. For example, if Final Fantasy VII: General is taken, you may not claim Advent Children: General.

- You may claim up to three subjects at one time. All thirty themes must be written for all claims you make. Only three people can claim a specific subject at one time.

- If you claim a character or pairing, you may write about other characters as long as your character or pairing is featured.

- Check the claims list, then make your claim here.

- If you have any questions, check the FAQ.
- When posting your story, please use the following format:

Subject Line
Title (Fandom, Subject, Theme #)

So, your subject would look something like "Going South (Final Fantasy VIII, Rinoa, #15)"

Subject: (You may replace the word "subject" with "character" or "pairing.")
Theme(s): (Include # and theme.)


Please ALWAYS use the above format. You may add to the header, but please don't subtract from it.

- Either put your story behind an LJ cut or link to an off-community page with your story. You can make an LJ cut with the following tag: <lj-cut>

- Themes can be interpreted however you'd like to interpret them. Just don't write a story, then tack on a completely unrelated theme.

- More than one theme can be used for a single story, but at least 100 words should be dedicated to each theme, and no more than 5 themes should be used for a single story or chapter. Chaptered stories are allowed for 30 Fantasies, but each chapter should be at least 1,000 words. I won't be doing word counts on everyone's stories, but the point is that you shouldn't write a 3,000 one-shot split into 6 chapters just to get away with the least amount of writing possible. That kind of defeats the point.

- Do not post stories or artworks you've posted publically before to fill your themes. Every story or artwork should be either completely new or previously posted under a friends-lock or in some restricted access situation.

- Please don't use the theme as a title. The theme may be included in the title, but it shouldn't be all that you use. For example, a story written for theme #3 could be titled "Just Jump" but not "Jump."

- Please give all of your stories some sort of title. "Untitled" gets a little old.

- Once you've completed all of your themes, comment here.

- If you have any questions, check the FAQ.
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If you'd like to become an affiliate, please email me.
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